How to Interact with an Escort

Escort services are a confusing area for many persons who are interested in using them. Such services walk such a grey area between companionship and prostitution that some potential supporters fall short of being able to communicate properly with an escort. It’s important to understand that respect is the key point here. While it is understood that you are a customer and your hard-earned cash (and much of it) is being spent on this service, maintaining the comfort of your escort will result in your own comfort being maintained.

The First Impression

Chances are you discovered the escort because of an advertisement that was made. Communicating your interest in the services offered can get you turned down or branded if it is done in a rude or simply off-putting way.

Now, it is fine to be interested in only the sexual services, but there are respectful ways of communicating that. For a more clear-cut idea of the no-no’s, try to stay away from statements like: “I want to [insert explicit action here]” and “why don’t you [insert explicit action here]”. Statements that degrade the escort as a person or make subtle (or not so subtle) references to prostitution are also off the table. It is acceptable to have an agreement that includes degrading words in the context of sex, but these discussions are meant to be had in a respectful way after proper communication is established.

Instead of being rude, try greeting your potential escort and properly expressing your interests. Polite conversation openers are recommended in a slightly more casual tone than you would use to book a massage. For example, you may say “Hello [insert name here]. I hope you are well. I saw your advertisement and I would be delighted to spend [insert period here] with you”. At this point, once the desired escort responds in a like manner, you may proceed to slowly build rapport and respectfully indicate what it is you are interested in doing.

The Meeting

Once you have gotten past the initial communication phase and an agreement has been reached, the next phase is meeting your escort. At this point there are two main things that make this experience not as pleasurable as it could be. These are shyness and poor communication. For the former, it’s important to remember that the escort has already agreed to providing a service and just wants to know more about you to make it worth your while. For the latter, the same principle as before applies here. Do not be rude! Don’t show up without showering then say, “Hope you don’t mind”. Be clean and speak in the same manner you would with someone you were not paying for this experience.

Talking about interests is a proven method of increasing comfort between persons. You never know, your escort may be able to wreck you in video games if that’s your thing. Once you find your calm, you’re ready to enjoy the evening.

Maintain the same attitude once the agreed period has elapsed. Say your thanks, give a tip if you so desire, wish your escort a good day/night, and then you can part ways.

Things to Consider before becoming an Escort

If you are looking at the possibility of becoming an escort, then there are many factors which you will need to consider. While we believe the points covered here are important for consideration, the content here is by no means exhaustive. With that established, let’s jump in.

Deciding who knows

There are two sides to any person who is gainfully employed. The side at home and the side at work. Ideally, it’s best that the two stay separate but chances are persons who matter typically have some information on what you do for a living.

It’s important to understand and accept that no matter how the lines are drawn, there is a stigma that you will have to live with as an escort. You will also need to accept that those you hold dear may discriminate against you or dissociate with you once they are aware of what you do. You will need to mentally prepare yourself for the worst if you plan to tell anyone close.

A healthy relationship may not be an option

As an escort, you will understand based on a sub-group of your clientele that not everyone is able to have a healthy relationship. To take it a step further, that fact will likely be the basis on which you will receive some amount of business. What you need to consider and accept here is that you will also most likely be unable to enjoy the pleasures of a committed relationship.

This does not only apply to escorts, but it also applies to most persons that work in any form of adult industry. It is a daunting task for a partner to accept jobs such as these because of their nature. You will need to understand that it is likely that this will be the case with anyone you may be interested in and so chances are you will have to remain single.

Care is essential

Despite what many may believe, an escort is not a prostitute. A prostitute does not need to show care at all. Their services are paid for with a single intention in mind and once they show up and have sex, that is it.

If you have an interest in being an escort, then you need to understand that while sex may be involved, you are expected to provide a rewarding inter-personal experience to your clients. You must listen attentively to your clients and present an air of companionship. This is particularly true in situations where your services are purchased for things such as attending events or going on dates.

This is the reason why escort services are more expensive than prostitution services. The value of your time is what is being exchanged and clients expect to leave with a sense of overall satisfaction as opposed to sexual gratification.


Being an escort is an entire business and it is important that you treat it as such. You must consider all the risks and you must engage in adequate planning, so you know what to expect and how you will react.

What does an Escort actually do?

There are many divergent views of what categorizes a woman as an escort worker and of the duties that are embedded in that title. Some of these views would have you think that an escort is simply a high budget prostitute or a prostitute with an attitude problem. While it is possible to comprehend these beliefs, it’s important to be able to make the distinction between the two which also leads to understanding why escort services are generally more acceptable from a legal standpoint and why they tend to cost more.


There are numerous definitions for what constitutes prostitution, however, the common factor is that sexual services are exchanged for monetary compensation. In other words, the service that is being sold is sex. Depending on the laws of a country, prostitution (or aspects of it) may be considered illegal. For example, in Japan, payment for fellatio is legally acceptable, however, paying for vaginal intercourse is not. These services are both sexually rooted and so can be seen as prostitution.

Prostitution services are generally advertised in a discreet manner such as the newspaper (under the pretense of massage services), in public toilets, etc. Transactions are purely mechanical and follow a pattern of meet, have sex, leave.

Escort Services

Let me begin by saying this article is not meant to have you believe that escort workers do not have sex with their clients. With that being said, the real service being offered by escort workers is time. This time can be spent in a variety of ways that may or may not be sexually oriented.

An account from a well-paid escort worker that sees a lot of repeat business reveals that while it is not necessarily a common occurrence, there are clients that simply want to have a conversation or even go for a walk.

The idea is that clients pay escort workers for something more than just sex; they pay for an experience. Escort workers are taken on dates, they are taken to family gatherings, they are taken to big events, etc. In many cases, the services are purchased to give off a certain image such as being a girlfriend.

As far as sexual services are concerned, it is likely that an escort worker will engage in intercourse with clients most of the time, however, it is important to make the distinction of how that occurs. Usually, there is rapport established between the client and the escort worker prior to any sexual acts taking place. This could be a result of conversation over a glass of wine, going out to dinner, etc. This is because the escort worker (and possibly the client) will want to establish some level of attraction and/or sexual chemistry/desire to foster a rewarding and valuable experience.

Therefore, escorts services usually come at a higher price when compared to prostitution services. This is also the reason clients are typically expected to show respect to an escort as an individual rather than a tool for sexual pleasure.